3 Reasons Why BigCommerce Enterprise Is the Best Option When Looking for Value for Your Money

Between Shopify plus and BigCommerce enterprise, which is the best idea when seeking for the value for your money? Imagine spending a million dollar in an investment. You hire the top-ranking tech gurus to design your website. You seek quality suppliers. You involve the renowned digital marketer. Also, you craft the best business plan and consult the trending online consultants. You are sure everything is right and get your heels on the selling journey. Well, but your plans and expectation head in different directions.

After the first six months, your business is making losses. You have nothing to show. You are not getting returns on your investment. Certainly, you are in business to make profits. You paid a lot of cash to acquire the best and reliable enterprise e-commerce platform. So, its reliability should show on your financial statement. After internal audits and assessment of your business, you want to move your business to Shopify plus or BigCommerce enterprise. However, you do not want to repeat the past mistake. If this is your case, here are three reasons for considering BigCommerce enterprise when the value for money is your priority:

Zero transaction fee

Your goal of having an individualized or a stand-alone online store is to avoid profit sharing. You want to take the whole bread home. Otherwise, online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay could be good places to list your products. For this reason, an enterprise e-commerce platform that prioritizes profit sharing can be a bad idea for you. BigCommerce enterprise ensures you take all your profit. You do not have to pay them the monthly charges and give them a share of your revenue. Hence, it operates on the 0% transaction fee.
Whether you sell a thousand items or a single one, what you get is your profit. For Shopify plus, the case is different; you need to pay some transaction fees upon reaching the set threshold. As such, you do not take the whole pie. You must dish out a slice of it to Shopify over the usual monthly charges. Is that a good idea? Hence, if you fear profit sharing, you should consider the BigCommerce enterprise plan.

High-quality inbuilt features

As a webpreneur, you do not need ideas on the essentiality of features. You are aware that features are the powering gears to your online success. Few features mean limited freedom. For enterprise level businesses, you need high quality and reliable features to handle your complex tasks. Here is where BigCommerce wins the battle. The platform comes with an array of inbuilt features dedicated to helping your business succeed.
You do not need to pay or rely on third-party apps that can collapse at any time. This way, you get value for your cash. For Shopify plus, you get an array of apps. But, these apps are from third parties. The platform provider is not liable for their reliability or effectiveness. Hence, you can invest cash and fail to enjoy their value.

Shopify plus

Features for selling all types of products-digital, services, and physical

As an enterprise, you offer a variety of products. You can be selling software and solutions, electronics, or e-books. So, when moving online, you need an enterprise e-commerce platform that can allow you to sell these products. Also, you desire having them on the dashboard other than relying on external parties to offer them. BigCommerce enterprise is a step ahead in this area. Unlike Shopify, it offers all the features you need to drive your sales online. You do not need to use third-party apps as you do in Shopify. So, you earn value for your money. For a more detailed look at the two leading cloud-based ecommerce platforms, click here

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