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Enterprise eCommerce Comparison: A Few Great Options

There is some really good news for all business owners and managers involved in the eCommerce sector. Namely, the latest reports have shown another annual increase in the number of transactions and money spent online. It seems that more and more consumers are interested in purchasing things online. The same goes for businesses (B2B relations). For enterprises, there are specially designed enterprise-level eCommerce platforms which allow the creation of modern eCommerce websites. If you are running a company like this, you must be aware that a proper enterprise eCommerce comparison can be very helpful. The comparison you will find in this article reveals a few great options.

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is becoming one of the most used platforms of this type. With this platform, you can expect access to more than 100 eCommerce themes. There are a few free themes too. All of them are mobile-friendly and look attractive. In addition, Shopify Plus has an app store where you can find hundreds of applications both paid and free. You can use them in your online store to make it more functional. Shopify Plus takes care of your search engine optimization needs too. This platform offers great security features and supports mobile commerce.

BigCommerce Enterprise

If you want to use a comprehensive eCommerce solution which has many built-in features, it’s hard to get wrong by selecting BigCommerce enterprise. After all, brands like Martha Stewart, Payless and Toyota can’t be wrong, right? Ratings and reviews, gift cards, basic marketing tools – these are just some of the basic eCommerce features found in this platform. Once you are done with the site building process, you will get a completely functional site, unlimited storage, and unlimited bandwidth too. Users can also make as many product variations as they want. BigCommerce Enterprise also provides access to a variety of customer support options.


Last on this list, we have Demandware, a well-established cloud-based eCommerce platform. Third party integrations with this platform are very smooth and what we like the most is the fact that you can optimize and manage inventory with this platform in the easiest possible way. Demandware also supports a long list of promotional techniques. However, this platform is not the best when it comes to complex business-to-business promos and pricing plans. In addition, you should maintain your website on a regular basis because this process is not automated.